20-4-7 is a browser-based text adventure and digital novel I created recreationally, based on a Game Pitch I wrote during my studies. The player is to decide upon the fate of four different persons aboard a transatlantic airship flight through accompanying one of them, making a decision for him or her and then getting the opportunity to switch to another person. The protagonists are comprised of an unhappy wife and her husband; a private investigator chartered by said husband to investigate upon his wife’s suspected unfaithfulness; and the wife’s romance, who planned to blow up the airship before he learned that not only the husband is aboard, but also his love interest.

Unlike usual text adventures, 20-4-7 offers no backtracking measures; the story continues and develops based on decisions and impulses the player contributes (rather than requiring him to find the correct course of events), eventually resulting in one of 32 dramatic endings.

Play 20-4-7 (German only)

  • platform: Java Script-enabled browsers
  • engine and tools: Twine
  • duration of involvement: 2-3 months
  • team size: 1
  • role: Game Writer

Game Pitch of 20-4-7 (German only)