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The Dark Eye: Demonicon is a PC Action RPG from Berlin-based developer Noumena Studios, published by Kalypso Media on 2013-10-25. The game’s plot is set in the so-called Shadow Lands of Pen & Paper-RPG franchise „The Dark Eye“ („Das Schwarze Auge“) and revolves around moral gray areas, dilemmas and conspiracies. Demonicon’s Protagonist is controlled via third person perspective, includes action-packed tactical battles and offers a character development system of skills and magic equivalent to those found in the Pen & Paper-RPG.

In the course of an internship semester, I was able to contribute to Demonicon’s development for six months. My areas of duty where especially Level Design (with a focus on treasure and trap placement) and Game Design: In collaboration with another colleague, a scripter and the game’s head author I designed, implemented, and polished Demonicon’s 15 side quests.

  • platform: PC
  • engine and tools: Vision Engine; LUA Scripts; Mantis Bugtracker; yEd Graph Editor (Documentation); in-house Tools
  • duration of involvement: 6 months (Feb. 2013 – Jul. 2013)
  • team size: ~50
  • role: Level Design; Game Design