King of Karts

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King of Karts is an iOS and Android casual racing game from Berlin-based developer popclaire UG, published by wonderkind GmbH on 2015-11-11. The user competes against up to five human or AI enemies in a fast-paced racing game around different courses, each user pushing his*her racer with boost pads, cunning items, an additional boost engine, and skillful driving.

Since the project’s beginning in March 2015 until May 2016 I have been its Lead Game Designer. I created different versions of many kinds of design documents and kept them updated, worked close to the developers in engineering features and systems, and designed and balanced the game’s items, AI, score system, and most gameplay features. Additionally, I animated many of the game’s characters.

  • platform: iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV
  • engine and tools: Unity 5, Maya LT, SourceTree (version control), Trello (bug tracking)
  • duration of involvement: 14 months
  • team size: ~10
  • role: Lead Game Design, Balancing; Animation; Level Design