Projekt Persephone

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Projekt Persephone was a seminar project from my student days at HTW Berlin with me being responsible for Game Design and Narrative Design. We developed a science fiction action adventure with roleplaying elements. The player is to investigate on the genocide of his conspecifics on a hostile colony planet’s surface; he battles antagonistic plants and lears to destroy or use them for his own benefit.

I wrote a 56-pages Game Design Document to design the game’s core mechanics and features, thus establishing a basis for the programmer’s and designers‘ work.

I also wrote an 18-pages Story Bible, elaborating on the game’s story as well as it’s protagonist and his people, including their very own history, culture and language, thus developing a basis – including high concepts – for the artists‘ work.

The project has been supervised by professors Thomas Bremer and Claus Wohlgemuth and has been – according to professional development structures – developed with fellow students, supporting the project as 2D and 3D artists, programmers and level designers.

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Download Game Design Document (only in German)

Download Story Bible (only in German)

  • platform: PC
  • engine and tools: Unity 4
  • duration of involvement: 12 months
  • team size: 4-7
  • role: Game Design; Narrative Design